GSoC weekly report 1

As I blogged before, I am going to be working in the first step of the gedit multiviews SoC, adding tab groups to gedit. This week I’ve been working on this and I think I’m quite close to have something stable to push to master. So what have I really done this week?

  • Yesterday I’ve released gedit, gedit-plugins and gtksourceview
  • I’ve been testing a bit pygi because of libpeas
  • I updated the gedit dependencies in my jhbuild to test how it behaves with gtk+3
  • I’ve been refactoring and fixing some issues in GeditWindow needed for the tab group thingie. These fixes are already pushed into master.
  • I’ve been working in two branches in my github:
    • notebook2: In this one I implemented the tab group directly in the GeditWindow
    • notebook3: As the previous implementation in notebook2 added too much complexity to GeditWindow I factored out the code and created a new class GeditNotebookGroup

Also as usual the mandatory screenshot:

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5 Responses to GSoC weekly report 1

  1. Richard Schwarting says:


    So will this finally let me open two separate views into the same file, as I can have multiple frames looking at the same one in emacs?

    I mean, I often have to be able to look at two different parts of the same file. It would almost seem like a bug if I could use the views to look at multiple sections of code in GEdit at the same time – unless they’re part of the same file. 🙂

  2. Simon says:

    Very useful. How sophisticated is the layout, e.g can you do vertical separation as well as horizontal? And if so, can you mix it up, e.g one group on the left, and two vertically-separated groups on the right? Not a huge deal, but something I occasionally find useful in GVim…

  3. Simon says:

    I think the variant in the Netbeans screenshot is the ideal – Eclipse works the same way, near-perfectly flexibility.

    Possibly you could benefit from the docking code used by Anjuta? I’ve not used it, but they appear to support the desired behaviour, I think by using GDL (Gnome Docking Library) for dockable panels.

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