GSoC weekly report 2

Hello everyone,┬áthis week I’ve been working on several tasks that I think you might find interesting:

  • As I said last week I was working on getting support in gedit for tab groups, and this week we’ve been reviewing the work and fixing several bugs that we found. The code is now merged in the master branch, so please test it and let us know what you think about it, and if you find any bug please file it under bugzilla.
  • Now that the notebook thingie is ready, I have started to work in the second step of my GSoC, the splitview. It will allow us to split a document, and see and edit several parts of it. This is not an easy task, as for each split we have to create a new view and a new document and keep them sync with the real ones. I’ve spent quite some time thinking about the best way to implement it, and I also started to implement a few things, but the hard work is still coming.
  • Apart from this, I also spent quite some time reviewing patches and fixing some bugs that came around.
  • Finally, in the weekend apart from working in the GSoC, jesse was making some awesome in gitg, so I decided to resurrect a branch to convert gitg into a library, and with jesse’s help we made it and is now in master. So now, if you want a really cool backend to add git support to your application, libgitg is a really good one. If you didn’t try gitg yet, I tell you that you should as it is a fantastic tool. gitg rocks!!
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