GSoC weekly report 3

Hello everyone, this week as usually I’ve been doing quite some things:

  • I released gedit, gtksourceview and gedit-plugins. This means that there is already one release with the Tab Groups feature, so please test it and let us know if you find any bug on it.
  • I’ve been reviewing quite some patches, lang files  etc and also I’ve been fixing bugs in the Tab Groups thingie.
  • Apart from that, I’ve invested quite some time on getting ready the step 2 of my GSoC, the splitview. As commented in my previous post, last week I was working on it, and this week I continued that work. Right now the core part is almost ready, I just need to fix a few things and discuss with my mentors some API  needed for plugins. You can find this work as usually in my github. In the splitview branch. It is already usable but if you want to try it, remember to disable the plugins first, or you will experience casual crashes.

So, what am I going to do next week?

Next week I’ll try to have ready at least the core part of the splitview, and I’ll start porting the plugins to use the new API. A few of them will work for free, but the ones that modifies the document or the view, will need to be changed. As you can see I’m beeing carefully about what I can achieve next week, as I have my last examn and probably I’ll not be able to invest as many time as I want. Though, I finished the Tab Groups thingie sooner than I thought (mainly because I started working on it before the code time started) so the schedule I made in my proposal is still good for me.

In case anybody is interested I made a screencast about the splitview working. You can find it here.

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  1. Jonh Wendell says:

    Great work! split view is indeed a big missing feature!

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