GSoC weekly report 5

As every week, I am going to comment about what I have been doing this week:

  • I’ve been testing the patches to port gedit to libpeas.
  • I reviewed the gdb (bug #590728) and BennuGD (bug #618552) langs for gtksourceview, they are now pushed in master. Thanks to their authors.
  • I fixed some annotations in gtk+. See bugs #622641 and #622493. (One not yet pushed).
  • I provided some patches for pygi (now included in pygobject), some of them are already pushed. Also I created some test cases for a few bugs.
  • Probably the thing were I invested more time was on finishing the in gtksourceview and adding and fixing the annotations. The the is fully functional apart from a few bugs in pygi that should be fixed soon.
  • I ported the splitview work to use the flag introduced in GBinding (see bug #622281), that allows a property to be synced at creation time.
  • Also I fixed several bugs reported by my mentor in the splitview. See bug #141487.
  • I fixed the bugs reported for the Tab Group thingie. See bugs #620502, #620538, #620541 and #141487.
  • And I’ve also ported gedit to use the new enumeration thingie added in GSettings instead on making the conversion to a string ourselves.

What am I going to do next week?

  • The patches for getting libpeas in are now in master so I’ll fix the plugins.
  • The splitview is beeing reviewed, so I’ll fix the remaining issues.
  • Bug fixing, bug reviewing…

In relation to what I had to achieve this week:

  • I couldn’t get the splitview core part pushed in master, but I’ve got some critical bugs reported and fixed.
  • I couldn’t start porting the plugins to pygi or the libpeas api. Mainly because libpeas was not in yet. Although I managed to have gtksourceview ready for beeing used by the plugins.
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