GSoC weekly report 6

Hey folks, this week I’ve been quite busy working on gedit:

  • Ported the remaining C plugins to libpeas.
  • Port plugins to use the enum thingie provided by gsettings.
  • Released gedit.
  • Fixed some annotations in gedit and gtk+.
  • Ported pythonconsole to gi, gsettings and libpeas.
  • Ported quickopen to gi and libpeas. See bug #623359 because it is not yet finished due to several bugs in pygobject and gtk+ annotations.
  • Port gedit to use autogenerated enums and flags. This feature has been introduced in glib a few days ago.
  • Port the filebrowser plugin to use the flags thingie added to gio yesterday.
  • Fixed the problems commented by my mentor about the splitview.
  • Several bugfixes.

What am I going to do next week?

  • I’ll continue the port of the python plugins to gi and libpeas. This is quite a lot of work, more than I thought so probably it will take me most of the week.
  • Get another review of the splitview and if it is ok, get it in.
  • Bug fixing, bug reviewing…

In relation to what I had to achieve this week, I think I did it well as I achieved even more than what I expected:

  • I fixed the remaining issues commented in the review of the splitview.
  • And I ported the plugins that I could to libpeas.

How am I going in relation to my schedule?

  • I had to get in the splitview in master this week. I didn’t get this done. Let’s see if next week.
  • Next week I would have to start the abstraction of the view, though, my mentors prefer to leave this for now and get gedit master into a good state. So as I said before I’ll continue working on getting things ported and make gedit stable again.
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