GSoC weekly report 7

Hey folks, another week has passed and more things have came in:

  • I have moved some of the refactoring needed for the splitview to master
  • I have updated the class diagram to the current state of master
  • Fixed some problems in the documents panel (The one that shows the opened files in the left)
  • Fixed some annotations in gtk+
  • Fixed minor problems in pygobject.
  • Ported the remaining C plugins in gedit-plugins to libpeas.
  • Ported 3 python plugins to gi/libpeas in gedit-plugins. (They already have a few bugs due to pygobject/gi bugs)
  • Filed several bugs about this for pygobject.
  • I factored out the splitview. Now it provides 2 more classes that make things more clear for review and maintaining.
  • Started as scheduled for this week the abstraction for the view.

In relation to what I had to achieve this week:

  • Continue with the port of python plugins. Done.
  • Get another review of the splitview. Done and some parts of it already in master now.
  • Also in my previous post I said that I wasn’t going to start with the abstraction, but talking with the soc maintainers they told me to give priority to the soc work than other stuff. So I did.

What am I going to do next week?

  • Continue with the abstraction of the view, this is scheduled for the next weeks.
  • Continue fixing problems in gedit master and getting things stable again.
  • Port or try to port more python plugins.
  • Fix things here and there.

About the schedule, I am ok with it. Everything continues as expected.

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