Visual Studio/gtk-win32 status

As you may know gtk-win32 is our build system that makes it easy to build all the GTK+ stack with Visual Studio. This blog will try to sum up some of the changes and updates that happened during the last few months:

  • gettext has been updated to the version 0.19.7. It is still a bit of a pain to get it updated but Fan provided the new visual studio projects and the downstream patches required for it to build properly. He also told me that things are changing upstream so soon we will probably be able to build it directly from an upstream tarball.
  • We have added the possibility to build Debug or Release versions of the projects. Before only release versions were built, but as you may know Visual Studio will use different runtimes depending on whether you have release or debug so to avoid problems it is suggested to always use the same runtime for all the dependencies of your project.
  • cairo, pixman, libxml2, harfbuzz, libpng are now using the upstream build system. This makes our life easier to update them.
  • We have updated to the last version all the projects.
  • Added support for Git projects. This allows to build from a clone instead of from a tarball.
  • Created a new library called Wing. It provides utilities that are windows specific. To highlight some of them, Named pipes or Windows services.
  • New projects have been added: json-glib, grpc, json-c, leveldb, libmicrohttpd, libssh, libssh2, protobuf, protobuf-c, x264, FFmpeg, lz4, adwaita-icon-theme, cogl, clutter, gtksourceview, libjpeg-turbo, libcurl, libuv, libyuv, libzip.

Feel free to give it a try and make a pull request if there is any library or application that you are missing on gtk-win32. Specially I would really like to see there GStreamer.

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3 Responses to Visual Studio/gtk-win32 status

  1. Bogdan says:

    Hi Ignacio. This is a great thing. Are there any plans fro supporting Visual Studio 2015 in the near future?

  2. zax says:


    ( with reference to this new “gtk-win32” status as in this above article; And also with reference to gedit win64 build as on )

    can you please list build steps of your gedit 64 bit version , so that i/others can build the “32 bit” version of gedit 3.x. Thanks in advance again 🙂

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