Wing is a library which provides GLib-like API to some Windows API.

The goal of this library is twofold:

  • provide GLib-friendly integration points with Windows specific concepts
  • be a testing ground for API that may be included in GLib/GIO/Gtk+ once they are proven to be generally useful

Currently it already provides api for:

  • Named pipes
  • Windows services
  • A GSource to poll from windows handles
  • Utilities to get the type of operating system and the version.

You can find the git repository in:

As usual if you are interested in this library, patches are very welcomed.


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3 Responses to Wing

  1. Nice name, with the double meaning.

  2. bernawrd says:

    The developer cannot develop everything from the scratch. To speed up the development process, developers always use different APIs. Without the API libraries, i cannot even imagine developing a single application. Thanks for sharing Windows API. It will be useful for the .NET developers.

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