Other People are Awesome

It’s amazing (to me) how much the deskbar has grown once other people came in to help. I used to hack on it every other weekend or so, but now there’s CVS commits daily. And there’s these features (or lack of features) where I think, “I wouldn’t have done it like that, but, actually, that’s kind of neat”. Of course there’s also lots of “I had no idea how to do that”. Not the least of those are translations – so much for the New Year’s Resolution to be (at least a little) bi-lingual (sigh). All hail the open source pixie dust!

And speaking of other people, I only just saw a girl I went to Uni with on (Aussie) reality TV. And she’s kicking a.

Finally, before I forget, The CUEMIAC Widget = The CoolUberEnhancedMatrixImmersiveAlignedCairo Widget