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Jump In, the Water’s Fine

Wow, 18 months since my last blog post.

Truth is, the day job’s great, but it involves a lot of good, meaty programming, and the weekends are full of football and giving the sig. oth. sufficient care and attention. This means that I’ve hardly had time or motivation to do anything GNOME related for quite a while, save for the occasional Chromium/Linux patch. Up until now, I’ve tried to keep this blog for my GNOME-facing side, since (last I looked) it was syndicated on planet.gnome.org. Since I haven’t had anything GNOME related to say, I haven’t said anything at all (as opposed to, for example, ranting about how the opposite of “find” is spelled “lose”, not “loose”).

The day job is working for Google, and in particular on Google Wave (and also some work on Gears). As Google Wave is maturing, we’ve reached the stage where I have a limited number of account invites to give away. I’d like to invite some people from the GNOME community to try it out, and I’m asking for nominations, in the comments, for who those people should be.

Suggestions should be for a small group of people (say, 5 to 10, or possibly more), rather than for a particular individual. I think that the most benefit would come to a team that are often faced with having to choose between e-mail (so that the team will read it) and wiki pages (so that the team can collaboratively edit it), but want both.

So, dear interwebs, who should it be?

P.S. It should go without saying that this is my personal blog, and the views expressed on these pages are mine alone and not those of my employer.