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OK, OK, We Get It. Terry’s Brilliant. Enough!

The (A for Australian) ABC‘s current affairs show, “The 7:30 Report”, interviewed his mathjesty a couple of days ago, and
the video is now online (yay Auntie), as well as the transcript.
Yours truly makes a cameo at around the 4:15 mark, exposing our dark and violent past. Hi, mum! I’m on the telly. Do I really sound like that? Strewth!

Linux munchkins that want [1] to pull down the 18MB .wmv should do something like this:

mimms "mms://media3.abc.net.au/winlibrary/730report/200609/20060927-730-tao_16_9_bband.wmv"

[1] Why would they want to do that? I dunno. But then again, I don’t know the 12 year old nameless fangirl gushing over “meeting the smartest guy, practically, in the world… wow!”

P.S. I love Nautilus’ cute thumbnail, complete with sprocket holes. Yeah, every decent OS does it, but it’s still pretty sweet.

This Shiny Blue Arrow Walks Into a Bar…

Half a year ago, before its first stable release, the Deskbar shed its icon du jour, a shiny, blue arrow pointing into a bar thingamajig. Oddly enough, it appears to have re-surfaced as a proposal (in the blog post’s comments) for a new ‘save’ icon, given that the, uh, iconic floppy disk doesn’t reflect real life these days.

Gee that Onion Guy gets around.

The Drinks are Most Definitely on Him

Not content with ‘just’ a Fields Medal, it looks like my bro has just picked up a MacArthur Foundation Genius Grant. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: nice one, brother!

Even more spectacular was that he made the front spot of the (online) Sydney Morning Herald on a day when the most popular story was about the perils of modern day medical procedures. It’s a poignant window into the Australian psyche…


It’s been a quite a few months where nothing happened with superswitcher (or actually anything at all from me on the OSS front), but my eleventy-half loyal users will be happy to know that it now has a subversion repository and issue/bug tracker, thanks to code.google.com. Already, a bug (Doesn’t work when Num-Lock is on) has been filed and the one-liner fix has been committed.

Ah baby steps, back on the path to world domination. Now to contemplate my massive deskbar to-do (or at least, to-look-at) backlog…


Dusting off my archives of the last millenium, I came across the records of my old comrade and El-Presidente-in-Exile, “Big Sexy” Ryan M (not to be confused with “Sexual Life” Catherine M). This is his story.