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P1mp My Switcher

Thanks to John Stowers’ link drop (and his offhand remark that someone could "use this as the basis for window previews in libwnck") and a rainy Sunday, I’ve now added some XComposite / XRender blingfactor to SuperSwitcher (yeah, SS first, maybe libwnck later, once I actually understand how all this X voodoo works). In a word, thumbnails:


Compare that to the version 0.1 screenshot:

It’s (more than) a little buggy at the moment (e.g. it doesn’t show minimized windows’ contents, or those from different workspaces, and it doesn’t speak XDamage events), but if you want to play with it, the code has just hit the SVN repo.

If you don’t recognize the video playing in MPlayer, then get your eyes onto some sweet, sweet Chaser.

Shimmy to the Left, Shim-my to the Right

Since Carlos recently talked about animation (and usability) in GTK+, I suppose that I should dig up and share my old mock-up for animating Back and Forward (or just following links) in the browser. Cute and/or usable, no?

The animated GIF is a little stuttery, since the screen capture (Byzanz, IIRC??) also wanted a fair piece of the CPU (which is probably just due to all the extra X server work). It looked a lot better on my computer (without the screen-cap also running), since it’s a lot smoother, but the GIF should convey what I’m trying to do.

Update (2007-06-07): Baseless allegation about Byzanz’s design removed. Apologies, Benjamin.