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My Baby’s All Grown Up Now

Many moons ago, I publicized my first Deskbar screencast. Raphaël got excited, and soon after had contributed many more lines of code than I had ever written. Mikkel had an idea, a mockup and an acronym, and it was good. Users loved us. Bugs were filed, and blown away. And now, we are officially part of GNOME 2.14, due in a couple of days.

Without further ado, introducing the first stable version: the
Deskbar 2.14 screencast (4MB, in Flash). Update: mirrored on Google Pages.

Many thanks to all the contributors. You know who you are.

Update (2006-03-14): In all the excitement, I forgot to show off Beagle Live integration, which totally rocks (Beagle rocks, forgetting does not rock). Thankfully, Bjørn Haagensen made his own screencast (4MB GIF), and Kevin Kubasik mirrored it. You guys rock! I just like to say “rock”.

Update (2006-03-15): I also forgot to mention Epiphany integration, and the Alt-t like shortcuts, but Raf has got things covered. Also check out Ploum’s Epiphany 2.14 cheerleading. Epiphany rocks. 🙂