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Because Australia Loves an Underdog

Bugger the Melbourne Cup, this is where the betting action is:

Thanks to Alex for the tip.

La La La I Can’t Search You (Unless You’re With the Band)

As a GNOMEy person, I read Planet GNOME (also known as p.g.o) – a collection of GNOMEy people’s blogs – a lot. Using Google’s Custom Search Engine (roll-your-own-search-engine thingy), I took Planet GNOME’s OPML file and made a search engine over just those websites that are p.g.o’s blogs. As an example, compare Google’s regular results page for cairo (which is dominated by Cairo the Egyptian city), with the Bloggers of Planet GNOME results page for cairo (which is Cairo the graphics library, and its GNOME-related adventures).

Enjoy (but don’t pronounce) BoPG:CSE – the Bloggers of Planet GNOME custom search engine. Sure, it’s not perfect, but it will only get better.

Update (2006-11-09): It looks like jdub has embedded the searchbox at planet.gnome.org.