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Bad Dog, No Biscuit

So here I am at linux.conf.au, and they’re giving out prizes. Up for grabs is a shiny new Nokia N810, and they’re pulling up names out of a hat, and they pull out my name! Yay, shiny new N810. Now, I already have the previous revision, a N800, so I thought I’d find a good home for the old one and told the crowd that I now have a N800 for sale. Except I don’t think I made it clear that I already had an older model and wanted to upgrade, and probably ended up sounding like I was just being mercenary, taking a free prize and cashing it in immediately. I got some dirty looks, so I just gave the shiny box back. Bugger. In retropsect, if I wanted to keep the newer N810, what I should have done was take the N810, pull out my old N800 and add to the give-away pile.

In the end, though, someone else undoubtedly more deserving got a cool Nokia tablet, and I still get to keep my original pocket full of awesome, which I’m perfectly happy with (I actually missed a boarding call at the airport a couple of weeks ago because I was immersed in pocket West Wing). Nobody really got hurt, except I looked like a tool up on stage. Oh, well, it’s not like that hasn’t happened before…