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That Guy! I Have Half His DNA!

My brother, Terry Tao (he’s the one stuffing his face; no, the other one; the other other one), has just been awarded a Fields Medal. Smart cookie, that kid. I tried to read his thesis once, and gave up around page 7. But really, his best achievement is fathering my favorite nephew, which got my folks off my back about getting married / having kids. For now.

Ladies, form an orderly queue…

Update (2006-09-12): Terry is also known as 陶哲軒. Theoretically, I am also known as 陶哲仁, but I don’t actually read or speak Chinese (I think my name loosely translates to something like Top Aussie Bloke). What this does mean is that there’s a bunch of blogs that mention my name and I don’t know what they’re saying. Creepy.

A Portrait of the Hacker as a Young Man