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On Crack, Fantastic!!

Davyd calls a spade a spade in the latest Gnome Journal: “A Bar For Your Desk!”

Mad Penguin is only four months into 2006 and is already calling Deskbar “Tool of the Year”. They also gave Deskbar “most useful applet award”, but I presume that there’s less competition in that league.

The digg community, in between debating the definition of “screencast”, said “they took the spotlight idea and put it on crack, fantastic!!”

But my favorite call is still by Luis Villa from before the Deskbar was cool: “the magic applet”.

In comparison, what are people saying about superswitcher:
cool and
cooooooooool. Roooooooock on. 🙂

We Now Return You to Your Regular Programming

For some reason, my first.last@myrealbox.com e-mail address went walkabout for the last three-ish days, but I think that it’s back up now. Apologies if you sent me something important. 🙂

Drag Till You Drop

Superswitcher 0.3 is out. The quickie screencast (220KB animated GIF) below isn’t great, but hopefully you get the idea.

In My Best Mister Miyagi Voice

What’s your bug-fixing attitude? asks
Dobey and
Callum today.
For me, it’s fix bugs first, fix fingers later.

Ah, I jest. That was an (Australian) football accident from a couple of years ago. My buddy Wes has taken some much nicer pictures: Volumes
6 and

Oh, and in other news, Deskbar 2.14.1 was published. I said that I’d manage the maintenance releases, but I was slack and Raphaël ended up shouldering the burden. And hypocritically, I didn’t code any of the patches, so really my attitude should be listed as meh. 🙁 But I just wanted an excuse to share that photo.

Which reminds me… I’ve been sitting on some superswitcher stuff for quite a while that I should really push out.