We Have the [Sock-Rocking] Technology…

…as evidenced by another happy (albeit bug-filing) deskbar user.

I haven’t done any work on the deskbar lately, because of exams. But they’re all over forever (really, not like the last time I finished uni). So hopefully, I’m back for some productive hacking (Civ4 not withstanding). Raphael has been holding the fort whilst I’ve been gone – just look at the sheer monotony of the authors in the ChangeLog.

In other GNOMEy news, I found out that, with Breezy’s menu editor, I can get a WinXP-esque Browser and E-mail icons being only two clicks away, rather than three. Two close clicks, too, unlike Windows.

Finally, an old uni buddy of mine found a pointer to a Quake3 capture-the-flag map that I made when I was seriously procrastinating from my honours thesis, in the year 2000. I’ll have to see if I can dig up the source from somewhere. Ringworld, as in the book by Larry Niven. Taonchon, as in Nigel TAO, Computer HONours student. Design philosophy: small and ‘cozy’, 2v2 or 3v3 max, weapons on the outside, flags on the inside, health down below, quad damage at the top. How did it play? A bit too quickly – you can regularly spawn and capture in under a minute.