It’s nowhere near “release early, release often”, but superswitcher 0.4 is finally out. The project is now hosted on Google Code, which means a subversion repository, an issue (bug) tracker, an one-stop download shop and probably more to come.

You can now also download a i386.deb binary package directly, rather than just the source tarball. This is the first time that I’ve rolled a .deb, so feedback is most welcome.

One new feature I’d like to highlight is the ability to use the Caps Lock key to switch windows (WITHOUT HAVING TO TYPE LIKE THIS) instead of the Super key, which is most useful if, for example, your Thinkpad has no Super key, or something like compiz wants the Super key. This promotes the larger-than-average Caps Lock key from my most hated wart on the keyboard to one of the most cherished keys. Hooray for the poor neglected Caps Lock.

Changes since 0.3:

  • Can now drag-and-drop workspaces.
  • New -c, -v and -? command line options.
    -c or –trigger-on-caps-lock makes Caps Lock also switch windows.
    -v or –version shows the version number and exits.
    -? or –help shows a brief instruction guide.
  • Super-Shift-Control-Insert now moves *all* windows from this workspace to a new workspace, so as to be consistent with Shift = Move, Control = Move-All-Windows-in-this-Workspace and Insert = New-Workspace.
  • Now does window-frame geometry calculations “the right way”, via a window’s _NET_FRAME_EXTENTS X property, rather than presuming that its frame is the same as its parent X window.
  • Now warps the pointer to the activated window’s center, under focus-follows-mouse in metacity. This fixes the behavior where window activation would be ‘stolen’ by whatever window was under where the pointer was at the time.
  • Now works when NumLock is on. Fixes bug #1.

Get it fresh from the superswitcher project page. Its page is still updated but is no longer definitive.

Thanks to Drew Kerr for his help.

OK, back to Kerry O’Keeffe calling the cricket…