Look, Mum. Fans!

Some stranger (and former Ion-head) called Sean has nice words to say about Superswitcher, saving him the effort of writing his own “go to window by name” program. Superswitcher wasn’t actually “designed as the ideal test case for libwnck”, but it certainly does give the Window Navigator Construction Kit a workout.


#1 Sebastian Dröge on 11.04.07 at 6:43 pm

Maybe we could get some of the superswitcher features for the default window switcher in Gnome 2.22 or even get it merged with the default one? Did you try talking to the relevant people already? 😉

#2 Nigel Tao on 11.09.07 at 2:31 am

I haven’t asked about e.g. moving this inside metacity’s codebase, but then again, it is kind of nice that I’m told that superswitcher also works with KDE, XFCE, and other window managers.

Compiz is another story, currently, but stay tuned…