It’s interesting how people try to hide the fact that they’re geeks and blatantly fail because their peer is just as bad as them. Thomas already touched upon that in his latest entry, so let’s take one of my own examples.

So I live in New York City and hang out with people here. I promised, one day, to send pictures of one night out to two girls that had been coming with me. Those pictures are located on the picture gallery. For those who don’t know, is a dutch slashdot-like computer-oriented website (news, forum, …). So I sent them a link to this picture gallery. The day after, one of those girls pointed out to me that her ex-boyfriend, a “complete geek and ass-hole” (what a surprise for an ex 😉 ), used to be hanging out on this website for full days and she was worried that I was one of those cracks as well.

Of course, I told her I was not. … That wasn’t even a complete lie, realistically. I barely touch computers here, I barely have time for that…

(Makes me wonder: who’s this ex-boyfriend of hers? :-). I might even know him. Scary shit.)

Today, I found that I still have pending patches that are as bad as four months old. I suck. I’ll be back home in four weeks from now and promise to clean up my inbox after that. My apologies to anyone who’s sent me patches and didn’t see them applied yet; they’re in my inbox (I always mark patches as important and those occur at the bottom of my inbox, marked in red). They just take a while. Same goes for assigned bug reports or pending actions. Sorry guys. I’m doig what I can, but my time is limited right now.

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