Graduate School Applications and GRE:
So, today I did a GRE test because I want to apply for Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences. The results are fairly mixed. My verbal score was a lousy 380 points (on a 200-800 scale), which is not very high. Actually, it’s plain bad. My quantitative score, on the other hand, was the full 800 points (same 200-800 scale), which is pretty darn good. I guess my excuse for doing so bad on the verbal part is that I’m a foreigner. My english really isn’t bad, but I just don’t know most of those exotic words that are being referred to in the test. Sorry guys… I hope this is good enough to be considered for admission, though, I’m not applying to be a translator, am I? I’ll receive my analytical score (on a 0.0-6.0 range) in two weeks from now.

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