Back from the death:
I looked at GStreamer Recorder again tonight, for the first time in something like a year or so. I was annoyed by pretty much everything, but I won’t rewrite it. Instead, I’ll fix all the issues that I’m so annoyed by that I’m scared to release it because everyone will laugh at me, and then release it. Just to make Thomas stop nagging me. Isn’t it pretty?

I just rewrote the overlaying code in the GStreamer video4linux element (need to copypast that to the video4linux2 element), because the old code caused a hellofalot of flickering (and took 10x as many lines of code). The next issue to fix is format selection. We used to use filtered caps for that, but nowadays, fixation is the way to go. Lastly, I’ll remove all dynamic codec/muxer selection code for now and just default to ogg/theora, and that should be enough for version 0.0.1. Like anyone would want to record a divx movie. -EDONTCARE. :).

And for my own pleasure, I decided that GStreamer Recorder is a stupid name, so I will rename it before the release.

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