Volume Applet:
So the volume applet was almost perfect, until people started filing bug reports against it! Eek! Bad people. Screw you guys! I fixed most of ’em, except for the remaining two where I really don’t have the slightest clue what they are talking about or what it has to do with the volume applet. I guess I should close those as well. Yay for an empty bugzilla. Oh, that deserves a screenshot!

GStreamer Recorder:
So it had to happen some day, that I would release 0.0.1. It’ll be soon. It’s basically ready, but requires a new gst-plugins and gst-ffmpeg release because fixes in those are essential for the physical well-being of gst-rec. I can’t wait to release. Hopefully, people will use it. It can record to a variety of formats, including MS-MPEG4v3 (in ASF), MPEG-4 (using either of XviD, DivX or FFMpeg’s wonderful encoders) in AVI and, of course, Ogg/Theora+Vorbis. I was initially planning to just support Ogg/Theora in this first version, but given the rather poor encoding speed combined with the fact that the others “just work”, I didn’t really care to remove it. The preferences screen could probably use some UI love, though.

So it’s perfect? Nah…

  • Doesn’t use videorate/audiorate yet
  • Some more (a/v sync related) options need to be hidden from the user since they can possibly screw up synchronization
  • Overlay refreshes aren’t perfect yet, although they’re pretty good now
  • No image when recording from a webcam (or any non-overlay-capable video source)
  • So many more things that are listed in the TODO
  • It needs a release

So those of you paying close attention to my blog (don’t you all? 🙂 ) would’ve noticed that my last screenshot of gst-rec actually contained a test image rather than a screenshot of some popular TV series or a good movie. You know why? Because my cables weren’t long enough to fit between the TV (one side of the room) and computer (other side of the room)! Of all things that could possibly go wrong, this is the worst. Because you can’t fix it apart from going to a shop to buy new cables.

So what’s next?
DVD ripping, video transcoding, video editing, it’s all there in my magical vision! We’ve got the widgets and the engine in gst-rec (ok, ok, so editing is a bit more difficult – but who cares). I just need more time. Oh, and Totem will rock your world. More soon! :).

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