On my homecountry…
I might love the USA, want to live there and what not, but in the end, I’m dutch. When it comes to soccer matches, I support the Netherlands. When there’s a gruesome murder committed on a famous dutchman, I cry too.

Like I wrote previously, Theo van Gogh, cineast and writer, was brutally murdered by what turned out to be a sicko muslim fundamentalist in my homecountry. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we’ve turned to a new chapter of sickness in my country after the murder on political leader Fortuyn: we really are screwed this time. Just in case you think it couldn’t get any worse from this point on, we were instantly proven wrong. Those muslim fundamentalists aren’t just some individuals on crack. They’re groups, cells of jihad terrorists, they have lists of people that they’re gonna kill and v. Gogh was “just” #1. So far so good. Like any self-respecting jihad-warrior, they’re prepared to die for the greater good. Wait a minute, what greater good? The greater good is that respected people such as the mayor of our capital, mr. Cohen, and a member of parliament, ms. Hirshi Ali, will be next. Yay for civilization.

While he was murdered, v. Gogh was stabbed with a butcher’s knife with a letter attached (sick, sick, sick). The letter contained remarks such as the following:

  • Ms. Hirshi Ali, to prove me that you’re right, you will only need to do one thing. Ask Allah to kill yourself if you really are convinced that He does not exist. If you don’t we know what a liar you and your masters are.
  • America, you shall fall. Europe, you shall fall. Netherlands, you shall fall. Ms. Hirshi Ali, you shall fall. All non-believers: you shall all fall.
  • We will not attack, unless they attack us” (anyone recognize the Bush’ism in here?)

Oh, so this is too sick to be true? I won’t go any further. This is not just sick. This is far beyond anything that anyone can imagine. And this, my dear people, is western civilization, the highest as we know it, in one of the richest countries in the world. This is my country. We are so fucked.

Members of parliament have responded united: we support ms. Hirshi Ali, we shall not let this happen. Some political parties have – finally! – announced some plans to prevent this from getting any further. They want to take away citizenship from fundamentalists. Then my problem is, how is this gonna help from more people getting murdered if we can only capture them after they’ve murdered anyone? Another announcement was that people want to talk with muslim representatives. How is this going to help? Fundamentalists aren’t going to talk. You’re reaching out to the wrong audience here. Most of those muslims, and especially those that are representatives towards the rest of the country, are perfectly adapted and accept our norms and values. We don’t need to talk to those, they’re perfectly fine. It is the outliers that we’re after here. Face it, I don’t have the solution either. But we can’t just do the same that we’ve always done. I’m happy that the political parties are now willing to take action. But please do something that will actually make a difference!

We have fundamentalists in this country. They are prepared to do whatever it takes to destroy our society. That may never happen! We need to take pre-emptive action, to protect our society, our rights, our freedom, our wealth and our children. Sounds like Bush? So be it. It is my country.

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