Current CVS of GStreamer has support for the Musepack audio codec, which I wrote today. We don’t read APEv2 tags yet. [rant] Which reminds me that I really need to rant on those kiddos for a change, because why oh why do those ignorant morons always have to come up with something new to make life of media developers worse? You could have used ID3v2! But no, ID3v2 is evil and bad and you can do worse, so let’s recreate something that already exists but do it worse. Bah! [/rant]

Chained Ogg
For the past two weeks, I’ve worked a lot on getting chained Ogg (mostly used for streaming Ogg radio over internet) to work, and I was nearly there friday. Wim took over (there were some reference counting bugs exposed elsewhere by my changes), and this afternoon I received the happy news that he got it working. Soon in a CVS repository mirror near you! Many thanks to Wim for helping me fix all sort of weird core bugs that I exposed by my random messing around and for finishing it off.

Totem & GNOME
Bastien proposed Totem (using the GStreamer backend) for GNOME-2.10! I hope that it’ll be included, it’ll be a worthy and highly appreciated component of the GNOME desktop!

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