New York revisited
From my motivation letter: “Roughly one year ago, I stepped into the professor’s office in Utrecht, the Netherlands. “I’d like to give it a try”, was my short answer, and six months later I left off for New York City, leaving student life, a job as software engineer and my friends behind. Now, six months later, I’ve just finished my six-month visit at the Cornell University pharmacology research labs. It has changed my thinking. [..] The facilities at Cornell were amazing, the research was stunning, the people were very motivating and the city was a paradise for me. I want to continue living that life for many more years.”

From today: “I submitted the email you sent to the Admissions Committee and they review your application. They have decided to invite you to attend the Weill Cornell Graduate School Recruitment Weekend.”

I’m not there yet, but this feels like a dream already. I’ll go back to Manhattan, I’ll relive my dream-come-true. Thanks to all. Wow.

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