No-Bug-Week for GStreamer
In the past few days, we solved an incredible amount of bugs. Most are things that reproduce with only a few movies, or only for some installations. I think this implies that we *are* actually getting better. Finally. Bugzilla implies that we now have 163 bugs left. This excludes enhancements, gst-rec, gst-editor and gst-player. With those last modules included, we’re now at 175. With enhancements included, we’re at 217. Not bad, knowing that we were far above 300 only 2-3 weeks ago.

FFMpeg update
I recently updated the ffmpeg snapshot in our gst-ffmpeg module. I’ve now (at some point) done successful test builds (including optimizations) on x86, PPC and Sparc using Linux, Solaris or freeBSD. RPMs (as usual) of current CVS for Fedora Core 3 are available on this repository. Some nice new features include the support of h264, which gives us a new feature that even mplayer doesn’t support yet.
Now if only I could get those friggin’ gaming formats to work. :).

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