Happy new year all. I have a bad headache… Mornings-after suck. Ohwell. :).

Hands in my pocket
Some people have shared thoughts and criticism on the help from around the world after last week’s catastrophe in Asia. I can’t understand this viewpoint. It is a gift. How can you possibly criticize that? In the Netherlands, people shared thoughts on how we should stop spending money on fireworks and spend the money on Asia instead. Wtf?!? If my contract said that I was supposed to spend money on things other than my own choices, I would’ve known, right? Other people criticized the US government decision to spend “only” 15, 35, or 350 mln. USD on Asia. Again, wtf?!? Get a grip dudes, it’s not your money, it’s not your decision. Hands off. The fact that I spent a certain percentage of my money on Asia is my choice just as well. I don’t care what my neighbour does, and I definately won’t speak bad about him just because he does not share my opinion on this. After all, it’s a free world we live in.

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