Fun feeling, to “be home”. I got that feeling this week, after having been out a lot lately. First LugRadioLive in Wolverhampton, England, right that monday after my graduation, some hard days work, fully booked next weekend, some more hard days work and the past few days, I attended RMLL in Dijon, France. Gave a GStreamer talk in Dijon, too.
Some things went horribly wrong in Londen the very same morning that I left off for France. Scary feeling. Sad to see this can still happen. Wondering why just doesn’t help. If there is a solution, it is t eradicate all evil, and we all know how hard that is. Sad, once more. :-(. I must honestly confess I just turned off my feelings and forced myself in the train that morning.

But now I’m home. Finally, home. Good to be back, do nothing and just sit.

At RMLL, I’ve had some talks with Ralph Giles (from Xiph) about the MNG specs in Ogg, and promised I’d add support for them to GStreamer (after he, in return, admitted that Oggs granulepos is, in hindsight, quite silly). This would mean we can not only playback DVD subtitles, but we can also rip them in Ogg video files using Thoggen. I also got some more great ideas in the past few weeks, I’ll probably let them settle down a bit and choose some new cool side-projects to work on. Stuff that users want, basically. Stuff that I want.

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