Work and play

So last week, I went off to Barcelona to visit the other Fluendo guys and do some final meeting before I leave off for New York in two weeks. Can’t deny, it has its charm; going to one of the most beautiful cities of Europe (only seconded by Rome, in my opinion) for work, having a cocktail on the beach, and doing actual useful stuff in between, also. I left my laptop behind (so sorry all, no more DVD work as of this point; I no longer own a DVD drive). I will probably have some less time to spend on GNOME for a short while as my new studies start, so Fluendo has asked Tim to do some of this work, also. Prepare to be stunned by one of GStreamer’s best bugfixers! I’m sure Tim will do an amazing job for GNOME.

Since I’ll be off in a couple of days, I’m currently selling all my household stuff. Basically like the cleaning that you’re supposed to do every spring, but you never get to actually do it. Right now, it goes like this:

“look, there’s my harddisk. It contained my first GNOME checkout ever. I can’t do away with that. No, really, that is special for me.”

(Ok, so there’s also non-geek memories attached to stuff, but you get the idea.) It has to go, all of it. My bed, my stereo, dishes, books, CDs, everything. It’s weird to throw it all away, but you have to. On the positive side, I have a bigger-than-expected appartment in Manhattan waiting for me, and will hopefully have a small amount of money left to furnish it properly when I get there.

Although the change of environment will be huge, I can’t wait. New York is the single most exciting city in the world if you ask me.

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