Bug-fixing spree

Today, I looked at bugzilla, and noticed more than 130 bugs in gnome-media. Most of them I had never looked at. Yes, I’ve been busy this past year. Considering whether I should maybe just give up maintainership, I decided to just go through the bugs and see how hard it really is.

I should firstly really compliment all the members of the bugsquad team, because I quickly noticed that many bugs had useful comments about possible dups, and even more bugs had already been closed thanks to the ever-lasting energy from those people. Without them, my day would have ended right here.

Since this morning, I’ve cleaned it up such that pretty much all of the patches lying around have been applied, I’ve set gnome-love keywords for relevant bugs, fixed something like 20 bugs myself, and bugzilla now shows less than 90 open bugs (i.e. 1/3rd of all bugs are no longer in my list). Not bad. End user effects:

  • gnome-media-profiles now comes with MP3/AAC profiles. Profiles are only shown if all relevant plugins are installed. Should please all sound-juicer users. (At the same time, Aaron blogged about his new audio profile config system, looks promising at parts but still has many issues…)
  • gnome-volume-control should now look a lot better for relatively advanced sound cards. The one reported was an Audigy, showing many duplicated and useless sliders.
  • Many HIG- and i18n-fixes.

There’s more easy bugs lying around in bugzilla, for example #355085 (window sizing issue, someone familiar can probably fix it in 2 seconds). All gnome-love tagged bugs are also interesting to look at. If anyone wants to, please look at them, I’ll help where I can.

I’ll roll 2.17.2 tomorrow, hopefully finally contributing back some real time to GNOME once again.

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2 Responses to Bug-fixing spree

  1. You rock! Fixing the Audigy issue sounds great for example!

  2. Thanks for those fixes Ronald. It’s great to see some of those gnome-media/profiles bugs fixed.

    Love your work.

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