FFmpeg Hall of Shame

FFmpeg is the project that provides multimedia codecs to your favourite media player. Be it the MPEG-4 playback in AmaroK, the WMA-playback in Xine, the H.264 playback in Totem or the playback of WMV in mplayer, FFmpeg is the reason that it’s there. Clearly, many people try to take advantage of these features and acknowledge FFmpeg for that effort.

Some, however, fail to give credit where it is due. When you notice such projects, please add them to the newly added FFmpeg Hall of Shame. Projects on this list violate the GPL/LGPL and hurt the free software ecosystem and FFmpeg. Shame on them! Help by finding more such projects or – better – by helping the FFmpeg developers to fix the violation (see ffmpeg-devel for details).

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5 Responses to FFmpeg Hall of Shame

  1. Dominic Lachowicz says:

    While failure to give credit where credit is due is regrettable, it’s not a “violation” of FFmpeg’s LGPL license. These products may violate the LGPL in other ways, but I wouldn’t get too hung up over the “credit” part.

  2. jauco says:

    it might be smart to either remove the links to the offenders, or at least add rel=”noref” to them.

  3. me says:

    a pitty that you only have a hall of shame, giving them publicity. What about a hall of fame?

  4. James says:

    What about the hall of shame for ffmpeg’s inability to make actual releases instead of telling people to just use SVN?

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