Kuala Lumpur – Day 1

I’m in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to visit my girlfriend’s family.

Today, we went for a touristy ride to visit the Batu Caves (which contain an in-cave Buddhist Hindu temple and monkeys), Kuala Lumpur itself and a butterfly garden. Tomorrow, we go shopping in Kuala Lumpur before heading off to the Redang resort.

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3 Responses to Kuala Lumpur – Day 1

  1. Pap, Mam en Zusje says:

    Dear Ronald and Li-Ling,
    We are glad you guys arrivied safely in Kuala Lumpur. The photographs are great, especially the one from the butterfly garden. We hope you have a great time there. Don’t forget to relax, before you are heading off to busy NYC again (allthough the resort sounds promising). Please say hello to the family from all of us! Take care, Pap, Mam en Leo

  2. simos says:

    Hey, it’s “Batu Caves” (not Buta)

  3. simos says:

    Also, it’s Rendang.

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