Save the Date: Berlin Mini GUADEC 2024

This year’s GUADEC is going to be in the USA, making it difficult to attend both for Visa/border control reasons and because it’s not easy to get to from Europe without flying. Many of us want to avoid the massive emissions in particular (around 3 tons of CO2, which is half the yearly per-capita emissions in most European countries). If that’s you, too, you’re in luck because we’re doing yet another edition of the fabulous Berlin Mini GUADEC!

Berlin has one of the largest GNOME local groups in the world, and is relatively easy to get to from most of Europe by train (should be even easier now thanks to new night train options). At our last Mini GUADEC in 2022 we had people join from all over Europe, including Italy, Belgium, Czech Republic, and the UK.

The local Berlin community has grown steadily over the past few years, with regular events and local hackfests such as the Mobile and Local-first hackfests last year, including collaborations with other communities (such as postmarketOS and p2panda). We hope to make this year’s Mini GUADEC another opportunity for friends from outside the project to join and work on cool stuff with us.

We’re still in the process of figuring out the venue, but we can already announce that the 2024 Mini GUADEC will cover both the conference and BoF days (July 19-24), so you can already mark it on your calendars and start booking trains :)

If you already know you’re going to join, feel free to sign up by adding your name to this Hedgedoc, and join the Matrix room. If you don’t have a GNOME account, please email to let us know you’re coming.

See you in Berlin!

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