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Foresight Desktop Linux 0.9.3 released

The other night I published isos for 0.9.3, it is a minor update from 0.9.2. There was a nasty bug in anaconda that caused grub install problems for some users, that is fixed now. Also, system-config-display was broken, also fixed … Continue reading

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Foresight Desktop Linux 0.9.2 released

It has been a long hard road, but 0.9.2 ISOs are now posted. I will say they aren’t perfect, but a huge jump from the previous ISOs released. The most noticable bug is the lack of the bootsplash. It seems … Continue reading

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rPath LUG Tour

I have begun organizing a LUG talk schedule, getting the word out about Conary and rBuilder Online. You can find the schedule here. If you are interested in having a Conary hacker visit your LUG, please let me know.

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Christmas tree

So Ashlyn is old enough to understand Christmas more, and is pretty into the decorations and Santa this year. She had a blast helping us pick out our tree at Jordan Lake Christmas Tree farm. Last night she helped me … Continue reading

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the great group-dist remix

So I gave up on our (Foresight) group structure last week and rebuilt it from scratch based on the latest rPL group-dist. We had shadowed it long ago… like the first week shadows worked And since then the groups have … Continue reading

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