the great group-dist remix

So I gave up on our (Foresight) group structure last week and rebuilt it from scratch based on the latest rPL group-dist. We had shadowed it long ago… like the first week shadows worked 🙂 And since then the groups have changed allot, and we had organized it before rPL had a finalized structure. Now with package selection in anaconda there seemed to be some problems, it would install about half the troves (not even conary was installed). This new structure also includes all the fancy compat32 stuff we need to really build a real x86_64 release. So, that should be much easier now 🙂

The new version got a bump to 0.9.2, and I think it is about ready for prime time. There is one minor bug that is breaking the installer, which has now been fixed in tip (the mercurial version of cvs HEAD). So now we just have to wait for a conary release… which we are due for 😉

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