NCMLS and the Tree Lighting

Had a great day! Visited the NC Museum of Life & Science in Durham. Ashlyn was old enough to do some of the activities and had a blast. The butterflies are always an attraction, but i have to say it was wierd to walk into a room that felt so tropical in November 🙂

Afterwards, we mosied over to Southpoint for the tree lighting. It seems a bit early for christmas stuff, but seeing Ashlyn light up like that was quite exciting. While waiting for the show, we spent some time in the Kids stadium… what a zoo and where were all the parents??? So many kids didn’t seem like anyone was watching them. There were actually kids standing on top of some of the toys and kicking all the other kids in the head. The cops came in and ran them off… no parents in sight.

The show was good, but it was hard to see in the crowd with two kids. Ashlyn was so excited that Santa was coming to light the tree and she also got to do some dancing. What a cutie! Let the holidays begin, I guess 🙂

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