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Foresight Linux 1.3 and the road to 2.0

Thanks to all that helped get 1.3 done, this release went very smoothly. We have quite a organization now, from developers and writers to translators. We have an official news letter, user guides, and proper release notes and our translators … Continue reading

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GNOME Live images for 2.18.2

I have updated the live images for GNOME 2.18.2, they are available here. The LiveCD hasn’t been updated, I have hit what appears to be a unionfs issue… working on that now and hopefully will get that published soon. There … Continue reading

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Fun with themes

I was playing around with a darker theme based on UbuntuStudio, . So far. the only thing I changed was the blue to the Foresight Green. Very nice work by the UbuntuStudio guys, keep it up! Of course I packaged … Continue reading

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After enjoying the nice short links for gnome bugzilla created by the bugzilla plugin in tomboy, it started to annoy me that my links to jira issues are so long. After all… most issues I link in my notes comes … Continue reading

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I have been waiting for an app like conduit for quite sometime. Mostly because I live and breath based on Tomboy notes, and hate not really having a backup besides the rsync of my homedir from time to time. Conduit … Continue reading

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Commit mail archiving

I am trying out googlegroups for archiving foresight commit mail. Pretty cool service, nice web interface, and now I can have an rss feed for commits. Down side is I can’t seem to get the diff output in … Continue reading

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Update the GNOME LiveCD

I just published an updated build of the GNOME LiveCD 2.18.1. I found a rather ugly mono problem on the previous one, specifically mono not playing well with unionfs. Fixed now, get it from the usual places. Torrent rBuilder

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Foresight is green

Here is how I came to this conclusion (courtesy of pscott).

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