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After some delays… sorry everyone, the GNOME 2.24 Live demos are available. Come and get them at

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Appliance creation made easy

After my post the other about the recent addition of the ubuntu platform in rBuilder Online, I had a bunch of inquires asking “What is this appliance creator thing?”  Let me start out by explaining that Appliance Creator isn’t actually … Continue reading

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New Shuttle SFF box linux exclusive

Shuttle computers just announced the availability of their latest small form factor box, the x2700.   Weighing in at a mere 4.5lbs and measuring just 7.3″ wide and 2.8″ tall, it is available exclusively with Foresight Linux.  That’s right, our friends … Continue reading

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Foresight Kid’s edition

Foresight Kid’s edition is now available for your kid’s enjoyment.  I know my 5 year old has absolutely loved it. The Kid’s Edition is  for children featuring a number of education and entertainment applications,  a customized GNOME desktop environment and … Continue reading

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Ubuntu, meet rBuilder

I’ll bet that sounds confusing! Well it’s true, the base Ubuntu server platform is now available for building application images on rBuilder Online. What does this really mean? The addition of the Ubuntu platform will allow the rBuilder community to … Continue reading

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Foresight Mobile USB installer

By popular demand, I have published a usb installer image for the Foresight Mobile edition.  To use this image, you will need to extract it and transfer the image over to your usb stick (1G or larger) foresight-mobile-1.0-x86.img.bz2 sha1sum     74bb014c98d1c0fd832456f5062fbdcfec2d8075 … Continue reading

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Because your netbook should be cool.

I am very excited to announce the first release of Foresight Mobile, specifically designed for the new class of netbook computers such as the ASUS Eee PC, Intel Classmate, and Dell E netbook and features a customized desktop optimized for … Continue reading

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