Appliance creation made easy

After my post the other about the recent addition of the ubuntu platform in rBuilder Online, I had a bunch of inquires asking “What is this appliance creator thing?”  Let me start out by explaining that Appliance Creator isn’t actually a product or service of it’s own, it is a feature of rBuilder.  The goal here is to make it as simple as possible to take your application and create an appliance with JeOS to get it running.  You can import your application from an rpm, deb, or a tar/zip archive (not source), and with a few clicks of the mouse have an appliance that can be downloaded or booted in the cloud.

I have put together a screenshot tour, taking you through the process.  Please note the captions along the bottom, they should help explain what each step is all about.  Another handy hint, you can use the “N” and “P” for next and previous to navigate (using lightbox).

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