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GNOME Dev Kit gets more help!

The GNOME Developer’s Kit is still alive, thanks to Zhang Sen. My free time has been getting tight, and I am very pleased to have been getting some great help from Zhang. In fact, he is doing the daily maintenance … Continue reading

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NC Jaunty Release party

The NC Loco has planned a Jaunty release party at the Flying Saucer in Raleigh next week.  If you live close enough to Raleigh, please join us.  Let celebrate, Jaunty is going to be a great release. What: Jaunty Jackalope … Continue reading

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GNOME Journal Needs You!

I am very excited to see GNOME Journal getting some traction again, come join us and make GNOME Journal great again!  Check out Paul Cutler’s post for details.

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We need a hug!

Tomorrow (April 2, 2009) is the next Ubuntu Hug Day, focusing on xorg-server and xserver-xorg-video-intel bugs.  Jaunty is really shaping up to be a great Ubuntu release, but there are still some intel driver related bugs we really want to … Continue reading

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GNOME 2.26, live demos available!

GNOME 2.26 is out, including live demos. We have an assortment of virtual machine formats as well as installable DVD isos. Come and get em’!

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Pidgin sucks less for IRC

Now that we have the message indicator applet in Jaunty, I decided to give pidgin another try as an IRC client. A little background for those that have not had the pleasure of hearing my constant complaining about how pidgin … Continue reading

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It’s a journey

No, not Journey the hit band from the 80s… wow that takes me back to damn near (or not that near) the beginning of my journey! I have spent a wonderful 3 years working at rPath, which ended in January. … Continue reading

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Python 2.6 has landed!

Our favorite snake has found his way in to the QA branch of Foresight. Everyone running QA, please update, test and file bugs in FITS. This was by far the biggest task associated with the upcoming 2.1 release, so things … Continue reading

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The Art Of Community

I am very excited to hear about the new book Jono is working on, The Art of Community. Not only is the topic cool, building a community is hard, but they are licensing it under a Creative Commons license. I … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year, and lots of Foresight for all! I am trying to resist the urge to make predictions for 2009.  Let’s just say we’ll kick ass in 2009, and leave it at that.

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