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Pidgin sucks less for IRC

Now that we have the message indicator applet in Jaunty, I decided to give pidgin another try as an IRC client. A little background for those that have not had the pleasure of hearing my constant complaining about how pidgin … Continue reading

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So close

Macbook Air vs. Commodore 64, amazing the Macbook Air wins 🙂

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n810… trouble getting my discount

So I finally got notification that I could get my n810 in the US… yay! Rushed over to the site they sent me to just to find out them rejecting my discount code. The error I get is “there is … Continue reading

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Year of the Linux Desktop

It is 2008, time for predictions/wishes/etc. Every year people predict “This will be the year of Linux on the Desktop” and later people make jokes about it. The thing is, people assume that declaring it the year for Linux on … Continue reading

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Choosing a default Messenger client

As we are actively developing Foresight 2, it might be a good time to look for a new default messenger. Pidgin has been good for us and sort of the defacto standard for linux desktops. However, I am very interested … Continue reading

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PackageKit now included in Foresight

I am very excited to report that we have decided PackageKit is ready for wider spread use. Foresight users will all get PackageKit with their next update, and hopefully all future updates will be performed with PackageKit. I have been … Continue reading

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Going green

Everyones doing it… Hillary is going green, of course so is Obama, and you name your favorite politician, they are all vowing to go green too. Foresight is the green distro… I say “Go Green!”

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Ashlyn rode a horse!

So today while I was at work, Laurie took the kids to Spence’s Farm. We have taken the kids their quite a few times, and it is always a big hit. Well today was a little different, Ashlyn was going … Continue reading

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A big thanks!

Since the Foresight project started, we have had quite a few people contribute. And I have really appreciated that! For this last release (0.9.8), we had an enormous amount of help from António Meireles (aka doniphon). Without him, we would … Continue reading

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vim 7

Have I mentioned that vim 7 rocks! Here are some of the reasons why. And, vim 7 is included in Foresight 0.9.4.mr6!

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