n810… trouble getting my discount

So I finally got notification that I could get my n810 in the US… yay! Rushed over to the site they sent me to just to find out them rejecting my discount code. The error I get is “there is no balance”. Is anyone else experiencing this? I used the contact page to ask for help, but no reply yet.

UPDATE: Just talked to OgMaciel, he said this is the same problem he had when he ordered his n800 last time around… this is a sad trend!

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3 Responses to n810… trouble getting my discount

  1. Michael Head says:

    Yeah… Nokia needs to get their act together. If they want to keep the early adopters and developers, they really ought to solve these problems (I include the busted 4.0 repository and recent change of mind WRT producing the N800 here).

  2. Lovechild says:

    Just because I’m a horrible horrible person, I’d like to point out that my discounted Nokia bedside pornviewer arrived the day before yesterday and I have been enjoying it every since…

    – David

  3. Garrett says:

    I had the same “no balance” problem when I tried to order mine too…

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