Ashlyn rode a horse!

So today while I was at work, Laurie took the kids to Spence’s Farm. We have taken the kids their quite a few times, and it is always a big hit. Well today was a little different, Ashlyn was going to learn a little about riding a horse.

It sounds like they have a great perspective there. They started out by teacher her that she has to do something for the horse, before she can expect the horse to let her ride him. So, they taught her to brush him. Then they fed the horse a snack. Gave her some instruction on getting on and off the horse, etc… and even had her pick her own helmet. She was responsible for all the details involved in getting out there to ride. She is only 3 (well almost 4) years old, but she handled it well. She really had a great time.

After the ride, he offered to let her “help” him feed the chickens. Basically that was his next chore to do, and let her tag along. Showed her the real responsibility that is found on a farm. I wish I could have gone, I ended up having to watch it all on video.

Anyone that has children, I would highly recommend a visit to Spence’s Farm.

My lil' jockey

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