The great office suite debate

For well over a year, Foresight shipped “GNOME Office” instead of Open Office. I got lots of grief about that…. literally hundreds of people have told me that I should ship Open Office instead. I have resisted, one of the goals of Foresight is to show off GNOME capabilities.

As of 0.9.8, we have replaced “GNOME Office” with Open Office (ok, I gave in… but I held out for a long time). So guess what, now people are telling me we should ship GNOME Office! Another important thing for us is to only include a single application per task. So, including both is out of the question.

What a decision…. we are gonna stick with Open Office. For one main reason, the lack of a suitable substitute for the presentation application. There are a couple GNOME initiatives for a presentation tool, but nothing usable yet.

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