A big thanks!

Since the Foresight project started, we have had quite a few people contribute. And I have really appreciated that! For this last release (0.9.8), we had an enormous amount of help from António Meireles (aka doniphon). Without him, we would have never gotten Xorg 7.1 into 0.9.8. It required lots of cooking, testing, and recipe hacking. He has also gotten Xgl/compiz working, and setup jira and confluence for us to use (will post links soon). So thanks to António!

I also have to thank the folks that hang out in #foresight around the clock and provide such great support to our new users. I am always hearing such great things about the quality and friendliness of our support. Thanks to all of you!

When the new (powered by django) website goes live, we will create a contributors page so people can get the proper credit.

Of course even with the great folks we have now, we could always use more help. If you want to join a friendly community, please stop by #foresight on freenode. We need testers, packagers, and people that are willing to help new users on irc, forums, and the mailing lists.

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