GSoC weekly report 9

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Hey guys, this week I couldn’t make too much in the SoC as I’ve been in the guadec-es. First of all I’d like to thank the guadec-es organizers as it was pretty cool being there. About what I did this week:

  • Some improvements in the view abstraction. Just some minor things missing to have it working.
  • Some fixes in gsettings-desktop-schemas module.
  • I invested quite some time reading the GtkNotebook internals to figure out how to remove the borders. See the patch in case you want to do something similar.
  • I continued with the animation framework port and I improved the search animation. Here it is the result:

What I had to achieve this week?

  • Had the html viewer ready. This was not possible due to a lack of time.
  • I fixed some gedit bugs.
  • I continued with the animation framework.

What am I going to do next week?

  • Try to get the html viewer for real.
  • Bug fixing in general.

In my schedule the view abstraction and bug fixing is the end of my gsoc. So I’ll continue with this. Now I’m a bit delayed but as last weeks are for bug fixing and I’m already investing time doing bug fixing I guess I’m ok in the schedule.

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