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Superbowl post-scriptum

Dear NBC, ESPN & NFL, please fix your website, it lacks a “watch live now” button, or if it’s there I couldn’t find it even though I looked for well over 15 minutes into the match. I would’ve happily paid … Continue reading

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27 years and a lobster

Today, I turned 27. To celebrate, we got 5 lobsters from Chelsea market, and a big soup-pan (+/- 20L). We boiled some soup, put shellfish, potatoes and sweetcorns in it. Then the big piece: Yes, 5 big lobsters, alive in … Continue reading

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Kuala Lumpur – Day 1

I’m in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to visit my girlfriend’s family. Today, we went for a touristy ride to visit the Batu Caves (which contain an in-cave Buddhist Hindu temple and monkeys), Kuala Lumpur itself and a butterfly garden. Tomorrow, we … Continue reading

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FFmpeg Hall of Shame

FFmpeg is the project that provides multimedia codecs to your favourite media player. Be it the MPEG-4 playback in AmaroK, the WMA-playback in Xine, the H.264 playback in Totem or the playback of WMV in mplayer, FFmpeg is the reason … Continue reading

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Home for christmas

What happened last week is just amazing. I was planning to go home (to Europe) for christmas, so I booked a flight from Newark to Schiphol, Amsterdam for Saturday the 22nd. I left home over 4 hours before the flight … Continue reading

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Verizon Wireless and getting a cell phone

Today, I was in a Verizon Wireless shop, trying to buy a cell phone. Actually, I was just trying to get my old one fixed, it broke for the 3rd time within a year (LG is completely crap, so it … Continue reading

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While all those poor GNOME rockstars were at GUADEC hacking on features… I was at DJ TIESTO (ti-jes-to, ti-jes-to, ti-jes-to) at Hammerstein, Manhattan. And yes, he is amazingly good.

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A Google Slave

Good things generally happen when you least expect it. After Apple support was kind enough to erase my HD without asking, I started using Google Mail and Google Calendar. One word: wow! Did you actually know that there are good … Continue reading

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Holocaust cartoons

Sometimes the devil has style. Real, genuine style. There may be no question that the holocaust was a sad reality during world war 2, but regardless, Iran decided to start a contest to make cartoons of it. And I have … Continue reading

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A while ago, I blogged about the impossibility to have a shared agenda between multiple OSes (here, a Linux / OS X dualboot) running local tools. iCal getting slower as my calendar grows made me finally decide to move to … Continue reading

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