Design Hackfest in Rio de Janeiro

In a week and a half, a bunch of us that are involved in GNOME design will be heading to Rio de Janeiro, in order to spend some time with the good people at Endless. (If you don’t know them yet, Endless are selling computers for the developing world, all of which run a GNOME-based operating system. Their latest device, the Endless Mini has been getting some good press recently.)

This is going to be a great opportunity to develop closer relations with the Endless designers, and to learn more about the GNOME users that are using Endless devices. Coming from the wettest December on record in the UK, it will also be a welcome opportunity to see a bit of sun and blue sky.

More details can be found on the wiki. This event is kindly being sponsored by Endless.

One thought on “Design Hackfest in Rio de Janeiro”

  1. While you are there, try to revive the gnome-community in brazil, it completely disappeared the last few years (like, zero presence in any opensource event around here), and it’s not because I work for the ~other one~ that I like to see a good community disappear.

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